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The Latest update on Emissions Testing


The latest changes to Emissions Testing come into force from 1st September

Following the Diesel emissions scandal in 2015 the way vehicle emissions and fuel consumption are officially tested is changing for the first time in 20 years 

The first stage [ WLTP ] comes into force for all new cars registered from 1st September 2018 

The second stage [ RDE ] will then come into force from 1st September 2019

Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure [ WLTP ] 

This represents the first stage in moving to a "real world" test which will be closer to the daily use we undertake in our cars - and should ultimately mean we will all be able to achieve daily economy closer to the official figures. 

The new WLTP test is still laboratory based but is now longer ... at higher speeds ... more dynamic and with a wider range, different loads, temperatures and more gear changes. 

It is anticipated that this new test will see stated emissions rise and fuel economy appear to get worse ... to mitigate this manufacturers are using model year changes to try and improve the credentials of their engines and reduce the impact of the more realistic testing 

To the average user they are likely to see little difference in the result they are already achieving 

Real Driving Emissions [ RDE ] 

The second change in vehicle testing will see vehicles actually being tested on roads for a period of around 90 minutes 

The routes will take in a mix of urban, rural and motorways with the testing equipment attached to the exhaust system of the vehicle throughout - giving true and accurate readings 

In addition to fuel economy and carbon monoxide emissions the real world test will also measure nitrogen oxide - an area of future focus in urban areas to reduce air pollution


So What Does this mean ?

If you're in the market now or looking to take delivery of a new car before 31st August then now is the time to act. 

Manufacturers need to sell and register all existing stock before the end of August - as such we have been able to secure some great deals and discounts for RICS Members across a wide range of manufacturers and models. 

Manufacturers are also starting to close factory orders of current vehicles and therefore choice of model - colours and specifications will gradually reduce over the coming weeks and months as the deadline looms.

Maximise your savings and choice by calling the RICS Team now on 01473 873000 or email them on rics@tysoncooper.com

If you are scheduled to replace your car later in the year you also need to take action now ... some manufacturers are already quoting October production for vehicles under the new WLTP Testing and others are in the process of closing production to begin this cycle. 

It is therefore advisable to order early to make sure you secure the vehicle of your choice to meet your timescales 

Talk to the team now to get more detail on your preferred make and model and when orders should be placed to meet replacement cycles etc 

To ensure you get the car of choice call the RICS Vehicle Offers Team at TYSONCOOPER now to get the full picture on timescales - availability and how much your RICS Membership will save you.

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