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What is the right fuel for me just now ?

There is no doubt that the choice of electric car is improving - but if you're in the market for a new car right now what is the best choice to make ?

Recent communications and government statements have given rise to the suggestion that the internal combustion is dead or at least on death row and has sparked an almost hysterical clamour for alternative fuels - primarily electricity with demand completely outstripping supply on most current mainstream models.

The current reality is that we are still no clear - every week there are conflicting reports about the cleanliness of current petrol and diesel engines ... the ability for our power grid to support a mass uptake of electric cars and most recently the suggested minute impact actual impact a wholesale switch to electric vehicles would have on environmental polution.

To this end we believe that whilst technology and choice is moving at such a pace - and the opinions and research keeps on changing - we should make decisions based on what we actually know now - and what our requirements / needs and preferences are right now ... with a view to then keeping ourselves informed of developments in order to plan for our new change or future update. 

Can electric work for me ?

There is no question that choice is improving with manufacturers now increasing the range of plug-in and full electric cars ... and also that these cars look just like mainstream "normal" cars rather than the odd shapes and designs we endured with early models.

One of the first questions is that of timing ... lead times for electric and some plug-in cars are currently quite extensive as demand has grown beyond supply across Europe ... if you have time on your hands to plan for your next new car [ 6 months+ ] then you have probably crossed the first hurdle ... if not then it may now be worth to look at the plug-in hybrids which are more available.

Cost is still a major factor in considering whether electric is a viable option - the technology is new ... it has yet to take advantage of years of mass production enjoyed by traditional engines ... and demand is comparatively high in relation to supply resulting in market forces dictating little in the way of buying incentives being available beyond the government grant ... as result the capital cost of an electric vehicle is significantly more than a supported petrol or diesel equivalent vehicle.

Interestingly the market is also still unsure of the future resale value of second hand electric cars and as such are cautious when setting residual values ... this makes for high monthly payments or rentals leaving fuel and maintenance costs to bridge the gap

  Range is still a major consideration ... few would consider a petrol or diesel car currently that had a realistic range of less than 250 miles but that is the reality of where electric cars are currently ... and it isn't just a case of 10 minutes in a petrol station and you're back on your way ... old habits die hard and we are simply not in the habit of refuelling that often ... but is it a real issue ? ... most daily commutes could easily be accommodated within the range of current electric cars but as they generally account for around 20% of our journeys we also need to consider our remaining needs and longer journeys etc.

Additionally the matter of charging is of equal importance ... if you have a drive or off-street parking directly outside your house or garage you have means to charge - it's then just a matter of which type of charge to choose ... developers and architects are both including this consideration for new housing but the rest of the UK has a long way to go to catch up.

In summary the four key considerations are:

  • Timing - will it arrive in time ?
  • Cost - does it work financially ?
  • Range - can a realistic range of c220 miles cope with most of my journeys ?
  • Charging - can I potentially re-charge the car on a daily basis if necessary ?

We are currently finding that for most of those considering a new car and looking at electric one or more of the above factors negate it as a choice for now and then look towards a plug-in hybrid as the nearest alternative.

The good news is that we are able to offer both dealer and manufacturer support for purchases of the latest Audi e-tron and Volkswagen e-Golf and additionally on plug-in hybrids from Volvo .... Mitsubishi ... Audi and Volkswagen and exclusive leasing rates on all electric and plug-in cars .

In our next update we will look at the plug-in hybrid option ... followed by the traditional petrol and diesel engines but for more information today give us a call or drop us an email where our team of experts would be happy to discuss and advise on your current needs .

Call us now on 01473 372020 or email ... alternatively complete the form below - hit submit and we'll be in touch !

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Posted on 13th May 2019 at 1:56 PM

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