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Welcome to our pricing updates page where each week we will compare our pricing for the top five best sellers in each segment with the best of dealer and the internet - see how much more you will save with Tyson Cooper !

This week ... the latest new SUVs to hit the showrooms from Renault, Peugeot, Nissan and Volvo

Renault Koleos

In some ways it's a shame Renault retained the Koleos name - the previous model was really nothing special and there were few complaints when it disappeared from the line up some years back ... but new Renaults are a different matter nowadays and the new Koleos is no exception ... sharing much underneath with the exceptional Nissan X-Trail and styling that looks very germanic we think the latest SUV to join this group is a born winner !

TYSONCOOPER customers save on average an extra £1500 over dealer or internet prices when buying their Koleos through us .. call us now on 01473 873001

Nissan X-Trail

The X-Trail has continually been the best seller in this segment but this has come under increasing pressure with the raft of newcomers in recent years. The mid-life update had to be really good in order to keep the competition at bay and having just handed back the keys to our demonstrator we can resoundly say it is !
The styling has been refreshed adding a more distinctive front in line with other new Nissan models ... the interior is where the X-Trail really scores with improved sound proofing and a much more upmarket feel to the interior plastics and feel of the cabin ... looks like the X-Trail's reign at the top is safe for a while yet at least !

TYSONCOOPER customers save on average an extra £1250 over best dealer or internet prices when buying their X-Trail through us ... call us now on 01473 873001

Peugeot 5008

The 3008 has transformed Peugeot as a brand and particularly in the SUV sector ... it's bigger sister - the all new 5008 is about to repeat this success sharing much of the styling of the 3008 but with extra space and the added versatility of having 7 seats as standard across all models.
The 5008 offers the same engines and transmissions as the 3008 and similarly no 4WD - there is however the option of the Advance Grip Control and Hill Assist Descent Control which will probably cater for most of our forays away from tarmac.
A very impressive contender in this sector but perhaps the most impressive element are the savings available on this brand new model

TYSONCOOPER customers save on average an extra £1750 over best dealer or internet prices when buying their Peugeot 5008 through us  ... call us now on 01473 873001 for details

Volvo XC60

The XC60 set the standard for premium compact SUV's when it arrived in 2008 ... since then it has become a best seller and so advanced was the original styling that it doesn't look really date even now 9 years on.
The new models however has raised the bar significantly ...following the success of the XC90 which has placed Volvo firmly in the premium sector the new XC60 is winning plaudits from the motoring press and public alike - with many voting it best in class and we have to agree - you'll be hard pushed to find a better premium compact SUV !

TYSONCOOPER customers save on average an extra £1000 over best dealer or internet prices when buying their new XC60 through us ... call us now on 01473 873001

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